Minimise Cost

The cost of getting pipework repaired due to corrosion, wear, or a simple change in pipework design can be very expensive.  With the CRISM fitting it can be installed easily, fast and used for many different applications with our straight, 45 deg, 90 deg and flanged fittings allowing for most modifications to be undertaken.

Minimise down time

During our years of experience, we have seen an unnecessary amount of time and effort, not to mention expense, go into the repair of all kinds of pipework, whether it be Sea Water, Fresh water, condensate lines right down to bilge lines and everything in between.

Working on a vessel it is quite common to not have an experienced welder and pipe fitter at hand, a leaking pipe can mean that the facility shuts down or operates with a reduced factor of safety.  Until this fitting companies have had to measure up spools onsite (open to error if you are not doing it frequently, or costly scanning) and have them fabricated in a workshop and then shipped or helicoptered out if working in an offshore environment. If it is required expediently then this can be at great expense and still takes a large amount of time if the facility is shutdown.

With our fitting, you can cut the damaged pipe section out, slip on two flanges and then with our fittings and some pipe build a spool to insert straight into the gap created.  Not only does our fitting reduce the cost of repair it also significantly reduces the time for a permanent repair.

No welding required

With the CRISM fitting you do not require the expense of a welder and the associated team to be used on site.

To install the CRISM fitting you do not need to have any qualifications, just follow our simple instructions. Once in place it can be rotated allowing for flange misalignment. The advantage also allows temporary set-ups to trial different flow paths or bypass an Achilles heel in a process situation.

Easy, fast installation

The CRISM fitting can be installed in a very short time. After preparing the pipework a simple slide on and you are ready to start fluids flowing through the pipework.

Please watch this short video for a real time installation of the CRISM, note this was then successfully pressure tested to 120 bar.