Our Story

After working as the Production and Operations Team Leader and ensuring compliance with Regulatory authorities, dealing with many third parties we began to understand the potential of an idea that had been thought of many years prior.

The work that went on behind the scenes organising a simple weld repair of a spool often meant a production shutdown, mobilisation of a Scaffolder, Habitat technician, pipe fitter, welder, NDT technician and a surveyor, not to mention the scaffold, habitat, weld procedures, hot work permits, consumables, special helicopters, OSVs etc. – The CRISM fitting was born from lack of other cheap, quick and reliable options.

Up until now a complete spool replacement required: precise measurements to be taken when isometric drawings were not available. The spool was ordered on a long lead time, then had to be pressure tested, often witnessed by a surveyor, and finally it would be shipped to be installed on the facility.  Generally a spool replacement is less cost effective than manufacturing your own spool with the use of CRISM fittings then and there and with the CRISM fitting soon to be Class approved why would you use anything else?

Meet The Team

Between the two of us we have had over 40 years in the shipping and offshore industry where we have seen on many occasions where a fitting such as ours would have been of great benefit.

Chris Barr

Chris is our CEO and founder of CRISM, he has vast experience having worked on-board more than fifteen various Ships and facilities in Australia, U.K., Brazil and other places around the globe as a Chief Engineer, Maintenance Co-ordinator and Operations Team Leader. When not working on the revolutionary CRISM fitting Chris enjoys spending time with his wife and three young children.

Email: chris@crismfitting.com

Sam Carriage
Co-Founder & Secretary

Sam is a qualified Fitter and Machinist with over twenty years’ experience on offshore oil and gas facilities, currently working as a Production and Operation Technician he is also an experienced trainer and assessor and is a passionate and active Safety Advisor. Sam has a love for the water with surfing and fishing being his favourite past times, when he is not doing this he loves spending time with his wife travelling around the world.

Email: sam@crismfitting.com

Goals & objectives

CRISM Pty Ltd short term goal is to design, develop and manufacture revolutionary fittings to improve other company’s productivity and reliability whilst gaining a reputation for having very high quality items. Our long term goal is to grow into a leader in the supply and manufacture of innovative pipe fittings.

Vision Statement

To be the Global name in industry for reliable, innovative, expedient and safer pipe repair systems.

Mission Statement

We will be an honest open company that provides high quality, cost and time effective pipe repair solutions via our innovative patented fitting.